”A sustainable action – A sustainable auction”

PS Auction is working towards sustainability in terms of personnel and customer liability as well as the environment and CSR.

Our core values are VIP

Our aim is to be Valuable, Inspiring and Reliable for Customers, Partners and Employees.

The employee concept

Our employee concept is based on the fact that a good personnel policy is the foundation for good business development. Taking good care of our staff will make them take care of the business.

PS Auction’s activities are permeated by Valuable, Inspiring, and Reliable people.

Work environment policy

Our work environment is intended to counteract both physical and mental illness for our employees.

A pleasant working environment is an environment where every employee feels confidence with the ability to develop. Therefore, an honest and open attitude should be advised in the workplace and all employees should be given the opportunity to influence their own work situation.

Every employee must show a daily personal responsibility for their health and the environment.

/ CEO, Per Henriksson


We listen carefully to our customers needs to ensure continuous improvement and development of our systems and work flow, fast and efficient handling of complaints, as well as regular follow-up and update of our quality objectives. The foundations of our work are our core values. We are VIP:




Environmental responsibility

We work actively to contribute to sustainable development for the preservation of both the internal and external environment. This is to ensure a clean and healthy environment today and in the future. PS Auction minimises the environmental impact by adapting the business to:

Follow current environmental legislation

Use existing resources efficiently and economically
As far as possible, recycle and reuse materials
Use eco-friendly and recyclable products and materials
Prioritise work flows that cause the least amount of harm to humanity and the environment
Educate and inform staff on environmental issues to continuously improve and make environmental work more effective
Inform people and companies in our surroundings about our environmental work, thus promoting awareness about environmental work
Respect and follow customer environmental policies when cooperating
Regularly follow up and update our environmental goals


AAA - Highest credit rating