Introducing CO2 emission impact on all items

Calculating the climate impact

This is how it works!

We want to help the customer understand the relation between consumption and its impact on the environment. To clarify and make this visible, we have started a collaboration with Doconomy and Ålandindex. With their cloud based model, we can calculate CO2 emission for a corresponding newly produced item. This is to show the importance of shopping used and almost new.

What we have done is a match with all our categories and sub categories. This gives us an approximate CO2 value. You can read more about Ålandindex here:

With this, we hope to be able to engage our customers in their everyday climate impact, and thus be part of the circular economy.

Over 2500 auctions every week

With over 2,500 new auctions every week, PS Auction contributes to a sustainable action – for both wallet and planet. Consumption does not have to be shameful – with us you are also a part of the circular economy, for a better climate.

Nothing of value should be lost

For over 60 years, PS Auction has ensured that fully usable products get new owners, and created a trade that everyone wins on.
Our goal is that nothing of value should be lost and auction is probably the most honest way to price goods – for both buyers and sellers.

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of buying and winning at the same time – bid for our future today.

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